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Winter is finally  here. The thing is as much as we dread the freeze winter is the season when the real Christmas vibe kicks in. It doesn’t really feel like Christmas until the air is crisply frosty isn’t it? At this time of year we start to worry so much about changing our wardrobe to match the weather outside. And going by my past experiences this can come a little expensive with jackets especially taking a big chunk of the spend. I mean its fun and exciting to get new things every time a new season breaks but sometimes its a little wiser to learn the tricks of not going broke each time the weather changes, whose with me!


1.Try not to over do your shopping for the winter season and then end up with so many heavy pieces that won’t be of any use soon as winter is over which is in about less than 3 months and as a matter of fact that is not such a long time to go.  By doing this not only will you be saving money but also saving space in your wardrobe. Also the less shopping you do the more your creative juices flow to make the most out of what you already have. You have to actually make this conscious effort not to feel the need to splurge just cause it’s winter.


2.Think layering… big time. When you layer up your old pieces in creative ways you find yourself not needing so many new winter outfits. For example you can wear your short summer dresses over your denim pants or pair your summer blazers with your favourite old turtle neck jumpers in  place of your t-shirts. It is actually super cute to mix up light weight and heavy pieces together to create a look . Trying to create layers with heavy pieces through and through can make you look too bulky or puffy and this is not the look we want to be going for this winter so why spend so much on them.

3.Spend wisely on your winter coats. Get jackets or coats that go well with any kind of ensemble. So basically go for super versatile jackets.The easiest one that comes to mind are the camel coats or faux fur lined biker jackets. Once you have jackets or coats like these the rest is practically easy. Again you can recycle your summer clothes with the right kind of coats or jackets and  generally get more value out of every penny you spent in summer on clothes.


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