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So ok let me start by saying what a whirlwind of a job it is to be a blogger especially fashion blogging, words cannot even begin to describe how crazy this line of duty is. It of course always starts with the passion for dressing up but no one warns you about how intense it gets when you dare to mix the passion for dressing up with social media(ing)… it’s an absolute work clock period! When I first started off I wasn’t even sure what I was doing, what I wanted to stand for , what kind of  identity I wanted for myself, it was just about winging it taking snap shots of one cute outfit after another and on and on until I realised wait a minute it goes beyond just trying to be the cutest babe on the net( Which pfff of course I’m definitely not). I realised you’ve always got to stand for something, something that is you and nobody else. And to be honest I’m quite a creative person so I decided to just let my juices flow and be my true self which is a very expressive and well (Crazy) sort of person . I’m not going to lie, that period was when I lost interest from the demographic that loved cuteness and practicality but weirdly enough it was the same time  that I also gained interest from well known cool brands which I never in a million years thought would ever even look my way. My decision to be myself paid off even though it wasn’t popular demand. This is great for me cause I think there is nothing worse than losing oneself or perhaps not even finding oneself at all which in the end is the crux of everything we do blogging or not…having an identity. There is always going to be a million and one people doing whatever you are doing but everyone is able to stand because of their peculiar differences.

Having talked about the good side of being my odd self there is of course the  not so good side to expressing myself whole heartedly . Crazy and whacky is crazy and whacky let’s face the fact. Being very expressive (Which I definitely do not regret and still love) has definitely made me lose followers and general interest in most of what I do which brings me to my next lesson… Balance. Basically whilst being myself is top of my list in everything I do I have also come to learn that there is need to be relatable, create a balance between being myself and the real world. I don’t think this is the same thing as compromising oneself. In the end everything we do as bloggers is for public consumption so to speak. So lately I have decided to be myself in  a way that is practical and at the same time fun and expressive which is a win-win situation. I still want to play around with everything I wear cause I’m constantly looking for new and fresh ways to things. I easily get bored with the usual stuff but in the real world the usual stuff is pop culture. Most people love to play it nice and safe which I think is great but just not me however I have now matured (Bloggerly) and realised its ok not to try too hard sometimes.




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