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It seems like I have been waiting for this day since like foreverrrr! Well I found out when I went out today that it obviously wasn’t just me  sitting, twiddling my thumb and eagerly awaiting the D day of deals which is quite oddly called Black Friday. I actually dunno why it is called that, I would have called it Happy Friday if it were my call because the truth is  everybody just gets super excited and expectant on a Black Friday. Today the city centre was packed with holiday shoppers hungry for some major wins. I joined a not so necessary queue just to try and get one of my favourite perfumes it took ages I instantly felt so vain. Like have you ever had to go through a lot of hassle to try and get something it makes you think surely there must be better things to do with my time. That feeling was only for a moment though cos as soon as I snagged my deal it was like the best 30 minutes ever spent just standing and waiting your turn.

There is a discount on literally almost everything right now which is why I think my camera chose the perfect day to fall over and go caput. I’m saying this with so much sadness in my heart cause this is the second time I’ m losing my expensive Nikon camera to autumnal elements. I’m not even going to go over how it exactly happened because I’m choosing to focus on the positive side of things which is that it couldn’t have happened at a better time than this. Soon as I finish this post I’ll be hot on line looking to find me an excellent camera bargain to help me quickly replace my loss.  My outfit today is simple and  inspired by this holiday party season. I suddenly want to wear a bit of shine with everything lately. It is not not exactly a night out outfit but if I suddenly yank off my blazer nothing would say PARTY better than gold tin foil… whose in!!!!

What are you eyeing up this Black Friday?







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