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So basically  I took my 8 year old daughter Alexia to see a movie because well she’s been on the October holidays for  2 weeks so I got her on board with taking my photos (By the way she loves it, no child labour here I promise) and  In exchange for her kindness amongst other palm greasing treats I have given her daily, seeing a movie had to be one of them even though I’m particularly not one for sitting in a cinema to watch a movie. ANYWAYS LONG STORY SHORT…. we had done my photos for the day and went straight for the cinema afterwards, soon as we got in the cinema room I tried to reach for our tickets to see what seat we were in, in the process I knocked over my Diet Coke , everyone starring at me and my unfortunate situation, this got me so frazzled we ended up sitting on the wrong seats cause at this point I just didn’t care anymore. 3 minutes later the real seat owners turn up and basically asked us to ****off! As if the coke episode wasn’t enough whilst we were* effing off *as requested I put my hot dog on my actual seat so I could put my bag and popcorn down, guess what, airhead here forgot all about the ‘hotdog on seat’ situation and sat on it ( I hate dark rooms!!!!) so guys I sat on my own hotdog got stained and sticky and let me remind you at this point the flipping movie hadn’t even started. I consoled myself with the fact that I still had a box of popcorn. Not all is lost right? Well guess what? I sat down picked up my box of popcorn then  tried to reach out for my phone from my pocket  and you guessed right, popcorn got FREAKING knocked over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gone! all gone, and I hadn’t had a thing to eat all day. Was I grumpy or was I hungry or maybe I was both I’m not sure but my serial clumsiness today was epic. Did I mention that all this time Alexia was so composed with all her treats…whos’s the mum here?

So back to the nitty gritty guys…We have to all agree that this season’s hot prints are animal prints and check and animals and check and animal prints and… ok you get my point. I am still very much in love with mixing my prints so I welcome this union with open arms. It was the coldest it has been in a very long time so dressing up in this very cozy jacket from Topshop was really handy for today. I particularly love the contrasting collar I think it adds a little bit more of class to your regular leopard print coat. The first time I fell in love with a coat like this was when I spotted it on Alexa Chung, she paired it with black jeans and black boots I think , I was like hell yesss girl! Since then I have kept my eyes peeled for the opportunity to own one and Topshop as always delivered! I’m now a proud owner of a contrast collar faux faux leopard print jacket. As you know there are no limits to what you can do with a print jacket so wearing it with these check pants will be just one of many pairings to come. You Gotta love timeless pieces!

Jacket; Topshop HERE

Trousers; &other stories HERE

Boots; Mango Similar HERE

Shirt; Arket HERE

Bag; Asos HERE

Sunglasses; Monki  HERE


  • Your daughter took these pictures? She is a genius. Very beautiful Outfit; you look amazing.

  • I’ll be so mad if all that happened to me? and yassss to this look, i’m not this brave in pairing print on print looks #inspired.

  • I’ll be so mad if all that happened to me? and yassss to this look, i’m not this brave in pairing print on print looks #inspired.

    • I know! But It was so ridiculous I just had to laugh at myself really. Thanks babe! X

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