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Well hello lovelies, I finally came round to doing a post after a such a long time of going MIA or so it seems. I am going to be totally honest, it first started off as  me trying to redesign my website having so much back and forth with my web builders and things going right or going wrong with changes I was trying to implement. Anyways as it was almost time to go live with the new design I found out I had just complicated a few things  for my self with my new design so I had to learn a couple of complicated things to be able to run my blog (Technology is moving too fast for me) I got the fright guys, I got the FRIGHT! I’m one of  many people out there who just can’t be bothered with technicalities I’m just not cut out for it but I love what I do more than I hate technicalities so even if it has taken me this long to come to terms with doing things differently now (Which I apologise for) the most important thing right now is I have overcome my fear and I’m taking full charge of my blogging life once again. I have fallen but I’m not standing down. So back to the nitty gritty, It’s obviously autumn and this clearly means jumpers unending right? I am one for statement Jumpers. You know the ones with either bold prints or shapes on them, general fun stuff as you already know me. This jumper Im wearing is from a Vintage store and just ticks all the boxes for me, fun bold and timeless. Those are the things you would be looking out for when jumper shopping this season      

Jumper; Vintage Similar HERE

Pants; Topshop HERE

Boots; Zara Similar HERE

Bag; Lindex HERE

Sunglasses; Topshop Similar HERE

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