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I wish this summer never ends. Everyone is just excited for no reason, that’s the effect the sun has on us here in Scotland considering we get very little of it between the end of Summer and the next summer and that’s talking 9 months of barely sunshine. It feels so good to be able to walk around again in nothing but mini dresses and trainers. Each time I go out these days I feel like I must have forgotten something essential at home because I’m accustomed to going out heavy handed with a coat. I’m feeling refreshed everyday not afraid to breathe in the warm and crispy dry air, seeing flowers blossom each corner I turn, kids riding happily on their bikes, people driving and blasting loud music with their widows turned down. The euphoria is real… SUMMER IS HERE and so are we!


I’m Wearing;

Dress; Primark Similar HERE || T-shirt; Gap Similar HERE || Shoes; Adidas Similar HERE || Bag; Russel and Bromley Similar HERE || Earrings; Miss selfridge Similar HERE


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