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The truth is you can never go wrong with a onetone outfit. It is one of the chic-est things to do this spring as it has always been. My colours today are not exactly spring-y but my relaxed white shoes,crochet bag and silk skirt makes up for it. Guys I think I want to invest in as many silk-like skirts as possible. I find they are perfect for texture and colour play. For example just another cotton skirt with the same colour as my blazer would probably not have the same effect as this silk number. There is definitely something sweet and playful about silk.

I am seriously enjoying the weather right now. It comes up really sunny most days in Aberdeen which is very unusual. I’m dreading that a few weeks or maybe even days to come and its going to go down hill (like pay back time for all that Sunshine). For now I’ll just enjoy every bit of the bright skies, twirl in my silk outfits, wear lots of sandals and pretend boots and heavy coats never existed. What are your favourite go-to Spring pieces right now?



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