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DENIM is one of everyone’s favourite thing in the world. What’s a world without it? What is very exciting  this spring is that they come in numerous colours nowadays See (HERE).When it comes to going all out we know all about the blue denim on blue denim on blue denim, very much a classic but now we want something different, we want more.

Bright coloured ones are the way to go these days. They sometimes even come with matching Skirts or pants… I think they are so cool! So to move ahead with time I have gone ahead to Jazz up my collection and gotten myself this red number from Topshop. Going for a different colour is a fresh way to pull off a double denim look.

Again the sunshine hasn’t failed me today so I’m in full Spring gear featuring nice round white sunglasses and my amazing basket bag (I told you I was Obsessed). Also, It looks like I have a whole street to myself so I made my self very comfortable (OFCOURSE!). With a generous amount of sunshine and a comfy chair and cool sunnies I feel like I can run the place. You can Join me if you’ve got Popcorn!

Have a great Weekend Guys. X


JACKET; Topshop Similar HERE || DENIM PANTS; Gap Similar HERE || BOOTS; Zara Similar HERE || BAG; Topshop Similar HERE || SHIRT; Asos Similar HERE || SUNGLASSES; Primark Similar HERE


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