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So guys another thing I’m obsessing over this season are earrings. I’m collecting  so many earrings now I’m beginning to fear I might have more earrings than shoes and you know what that means if you know I have a massive thing for shoes. Earrings are the rave at the moment and I’m absolutely loving it. The only frustrating thing for me in finding the perfect pair is that most stores stock more of tassel-like styles and I’m kind of over that. Not that I won’t wear them but I’m more keen on other styles for now. So when I find pieces that have nothing to do with tassels I’m instantly drawn to it.

I got theses tear drop ones I’m currently wearing from Zara and oh my… I’m madly in love! It’s white, it’s bold and daring absolute stunner! I think because they are white  they will be very versatile. I told you I was going to be exploring my very feminine side more this Spring/Summer… How am I doing?

Have a great weekend guys X


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