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I reckon I’m overly posey in my outfit, all suited up belted up with a lot of hand pocketing going on. It doesn’t get any more posey than this however I’m not ashamed of this. I mean like these days we  try yea ‘try’ to make posing look like it comes naturally to us, you know all the subtle poses on instagram like we don’t even know a camera is standing right in front of us and we are minding our business and just doing our thing, #thisisnotposingthisiseverydaylife  no fuss easy peasy… Yeah Right! It is all very rehearsed. When did actual hardcore posing become so uncool?

Back in the days having one leg crossed over the other or/and placing your hands on you hips with big massive smiles and all that extra effort was cool and I suppose you only had to have the charm to back up your fun poses to make it a 100. These days you dare not show you are ‘trying so hard’ to find the right pose. On the flip side I think we trying to look less posey is the mother of ‘trying too hard’ you couldn’t imagine the amount of effort we put into looking oblivious  and unaware in front of a camera… it breaks my back!

so  I’m kind of putting my hands up and saying I try too hard alot so today I’m just going to take it very easy on my self and dive into the meat of posing like look in the camera, say I see you right there, my feet’s crossed and hands in my pocket  I’m ready.

Bite me!



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