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I’m always looking for fun things to do with my wardrobe. So today I had a light bulb moment because I was rummaging  my Jewellry box and stumbled upon my pearl bracelets. I wondered why I just never  bother with them so I decided you know what, if wearing it as it should be bores me to death why not give it a new job… be my anklet!

To make this little adventure of mine even more fun  I  have gone for the full set because why have one when you can have two right?  In the world of today fairness and equality are largely championed so since my ankles are equals  both of them get invited to the anklet party, nobody is getting left out!

Have you been inspired to find new use for old pieces  lying in waste in your wardrobe? Let me know what things you have tried re defining that has worked well for you lately. Have a great weekend lovelies! X

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