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It’s been more than a minute guys! I have no legitimate excuse no to have been here for such a while and I seriously do apologise. Happy New year by the way and I hope your Christmas and New year celebrations were amazing! Speaking of all that, now that party season is over where have you ditched you boogie down pieces? I’m hoping you haven’t locked them up far away until the next time you get an invite to something presumably more exciting than your everyday life. If you are guilty of this I can confidently say I have turned up just at the right time to get you to repent of such silly move. NEWS FLASH!!! Your party dress can definitely do the daytime shift.

The secret is to tone down the flashy-ness of your pieces with super casual accessories. Or  you could cover up a bit (Or a lot) more than you would normally have done if you were going for a night out. My outfit today is the shinniest and most revealing dress ever but throwing on a blazer and trainers has utterly disguised my dress as a daytime piece,  but we all know what truly lies underneath the camouflage… Shhh! X


I’m Wearing;

Blazer; Zara Similar  HERE || Dress; Urban Outfitters HERE || Trainers; Adidas SimilarHERE || Socks; Primark SimilarHERE || Bag; Topshop SimilarHERE ||Sungalsses; H&M SimilarHERE



  • This outfit is gorgeous! I love how you’ve restyled that dress. I love pieces that you can restyle causally. Especially party pieces like this, I think a lot of people do forget that we can tonne these pieces down. But they can be intimidating for day to day for some people. So the more causal you go with them, the better I think. Glad to see you back!

    Hayley xx

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