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The Plaid Trend

The world’s love for plaid right now is second to none!  I mean, I live in Scotland where Tartan is an everyday thing, but I doubt even the Scottish have seen the popularity of their print on this kind of scale ever before. Right now nobody seems to care much about leopard print and the rest (for now) we are just simply wild about plaid end of story. I don’t see it going anywhere soon, having said that however, I predict a state of diminishing returns pretty soon cause we are all sort of overdosing on all things check right now and of course what happens after taking in too much of anything, you get me?

The fun thing about plaid though is that its super versatile, very easy to blend with other colours and prints. You can always rely on it to make a statement whether dressed up casually or formally and I think that is just super! Another good thing I noticed is that they are not only made for coats and jackets, shops make all sorts with this print, from pants to skirts to shorts,  its check all the way.

For my look today I have gone ahead to play with prints which I think made my look a little bit more fun. Polka dot is grabbing attention this season but definitely not a much a plaid, but I still think they make for great company. By the way I shot this outfit in a cafe as per ‘U-sh’ but today It had to be because it just wont stop raining. Its so annoying and frustrating when it just keeps going for days and days non stop. Anyway It just means the coffee shops have to put up with me and my camera  cause work just has to go on regardless 🙂

So I’m sure by now you all have about a million plaid things in your wardrobes seeing how quickly they disappear off the racks in the shops. If not, then who’s buying them and where are they all gone to? My point is that if you don’t have at least one plaid or check thing to your name then something is potentially seriously wrong somewhere and definitely needs immediate attention(like S.O.S! type attention) LOL!. Have a good week guys and see you soon! X


I’m Wearing;

Blazer; NewLook Similar HERE

Pants; Similar HERE

Top; H&M Similar HERE

Boots; Zara Similar HERE

Bag; Kurt Geiger Similar HERE





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