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My Inner Super Girl!

Sometimes it’s important to empower yourself from within even if it means dressing up looking like your favourite comic super hero Character. It wasn’t until I stepped out of the door of my house that I realised ‘Wait a minute, why for the life of me do I look like Supergirl’s cousin!!! Could it be that I’m looking for the strength within me to be something that for nows seems beyond my reach? And by that of course I don’t mean the power to fly around and save the world, but the power to step up to all the challenges life has and will throw in my face. Everyday comes with it’s own quest, a quest to inspire, a quest to be better at what you do, a quest to get it right, a quest to grow, a quest to move with the speed of the world. It gets all a little overwhelming and I’m not even going to mask that up with a little fancy outfit every now and then.

A woman acknowledges the barriers sitting right in front of her but an extraordinary woman is the one who doesn’t let it swallow her up. You fight through it. Nothing good comes easy, my dad never failed to drum that into our heads when we were growing up. You’ve got to put your all into it and then some. But then how about the fear of putting in all you got and still getting nothing or minimal in return. It’s happened and is still happening out there. The irony of life though is that everything we do is supposed to look easy to the world but the fact about the truth is that every single second of it comes with a huge amount of sacrifice. Passion and strength is the only thing that sets you apart.

A super girl  gets afraid, she gets nervous, she struggles with self doubt , it’s normal to but to beat the odds (Cos darling there will be a lot!) we need to stand tall, fight back the negatives and hold on firmly to the positives and in that do we truly find inner strength to conquer. Today I choose to be my own Super girl!

Ada. X

I’m Wearing;

T-shirt; Thrifted Similar HERE

Pants; Topshop Similar HERE

Jacket; Vintage Similar HERE

Boots; Zara Similar HERE

Earring; Miss Selfridge Similar HERE

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