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How to Nail the 80’s!!!

So you know I’m big on taking it back in time. From redefining sports wear to sharp  power shoulders, the crazy extra extra large jackets, big bold earrings, basically the 80’s is making a massive come back! The silhouette of the past is everything but demure. You have to be ready to go all out  both in colours and in sizing… I call it the spirit of excess!

If you have been wondering how you can get in with this cool vibe and rock out, don’t worry I’ve got a few pointers on how to score major style points inspired by an era of pure glam and extravagance and power dressing!… X It’s a boy, It’s a girl!  We are not quite sure but we are loving everything about it! Dig in and find your inner tomboy but still keep it feminine around the edges… you know what I mean!    


Give your rather simple pieces a twist by sliding into fish nets and oh! Don’t forget your gym clothes has to be in the centre of all the action too.  


Girl don’t you dare forget to turn up the heat on your attitude… don’t smoke though, I hear it’s no good to you, best believe it!    


If it doesn’t look like we snatched it off someone 2 sizes bigger than we are then we don’t want it. Figure skimming jackets are just not 80’s hun, get on board!    


The ears gets major attention. Your outfit is less than half done without the ears buzzing with some much needed drama. You have to show who’s  boss, how else better than in a power suit?    



This is your free ticket to demanding authority. The 80’s was an age when designers tried their best to blur the lines between masculinity and femininity.  Decades on  and counting and we are still reaping the benefits.. Pouvoir de filles!  


  Your shorts, your pants, your skirts, they should all be aiming for  your mid region. Anything lower won’t cut it. Be free to sinch it in with just about anything really, from scarves to old pieces of  clothe, hey even a wire plug could add some edge. Its the 80’s babe, you are free to think the unthinkable!

Photo Credit; None of the photos are mine, they were all culled from Pinterest

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