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The one earring thing and cozy spaces

Hi Guys Let me start by apologising for going MIA. You know how you just go on and on and on like a work clock with a battery with a lifetime guarantee? So I’ve basically been doing that(As I should) but let me tell you, time comes when even when you feel like a bulldozer everything inside you is screaming ‘eat sleep repeat!’, let me tell you honey,  when that time comes you put everything down and eat sleep repeat! Basically I’ve been a slob in the week past, down right lazy and useless to everything and everyone around me hahah(Such a disgrace!). But I’m proud I made the decision to do that cos right now I feel spanking new and ready to go on another work clock marathon cos the party never really stops and indeed we never want it to stop so I’m back in full swing with fresh new ideas and inspirations I can’t wait to share with you but first lets start with that one earring thing I’m currently loving especially in this  dark cozy space where I shot this post.

How terribly did I tie that d-ring belt *soo bad* never tie you belt like that 🙂

Lonely Earring

It’s just odd putting on one earring and leaving the house like that. People just wonder if you lost the other pair or forgot it at home but still insist on wearing it cause you love the earring that much, well no! This is deliberate, fun and on trend. I’ve seen a lot of my favourite instagrammers (forget one earring at home) quite proudly prancing about in their lonely earrings and looking gorgeous just like that and I’m totally sold. For me these days its either about mixing and matching them or just throwing on the one and I’m out the door… basically don’t take your earrings too seriously guys! The numbers you find In the pack is just a guide, you decide how many you choose to go with 🙂

Finding a cool place in Town

And how are we loving this cozy space I shot in today. So many dark and cozy corners with very eccentric taste to it. Definitely my type of hang out. It’s called Studio 52 and it’s in my lovely Aberdeen and the staff there arrgh so nice, so sweet, bright smiley faces everywhere just doing their thing while I am doing my thing. I would go back there just for the smiles if nothing else. There’s been so much tragedy In the Uk in the past month with all the terrorist attacks and then the Horrific horrific Grenfel Tower blaze my heart just bleeds, so simple gesture like people just smiling at me and being so nice and sweet really just makes the day a little less sad and depressing don’t you agree? Today I’m in my favourite Zara shoes (and I say favourite cos they are mustard and mustard is just so unbelievably versatile its a must have), a very light weight cape detail blouse I got also from Zara last Xmas and really old palazzo pants I got from Mango ages and ages ago can’t remember when now. Even though it is currently raining outside the weather is still very warm and breezy so my chiffon blouse is so in order and pleases my soul to wear (Good job Sunshine!) The one earring thing and cozy spaces The one earring thing and cozy spaces

I take all my photos myself, so sadly I don’t get the luxury to credit anyone for taking my photos 🙁 But how am I doing with my one man team show? Attached to my camera is a receiver and a remote just in case you were wondering how it all goes down x

I’m Wearing;

Blouse; Zara Similar HERE

Pants; Mango Similar HERE

Shoes Zara Similar HERE

Sunglasses; H&M Similar HERE

Bag;Zara(Gosh how much Zara is too much Zara!) Similar HERE

Camera; Nikon HERE

Remote and Receiver HERE

Earring ; Debenhams Similar HERE


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