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Summer Skies are Blue

Mood of the Day Summer Summer summer time! Blue skies, dry grass to walk on, birds happily chirping, everyone looking bright and dandy, we can’t deny the mood at the moment is  fantastic! Summer skies are blue and so is my outfit! Sometimes you look everywhere and still find no inspiration for what to do with yourself, this week the skies gave me inspiration. It’s hard not to be affected by your environment, that is why I love to be surrounded by positivity all the time because it inevitably rubs off on me and everything that I do. I don’t like to feel unmotivated, I don’t like to  ask myself ‘what’s the point of everything’, I hate to dwell on negatives in general and the worst kind of atmosphere to get these stream of thoughts rush through you is when people around you and even little things as the colour of the skies  are all shades of negativity and gloom. I guess this is one of the main reasons I love summer, waking up to sunshine just gets you in the mood to be and look your brightest best possible.    Piece by Piece It’s amazing that even in summer I still somehow find myself layering my outfits. Please note this is not layering for warmth, its layering for fun! (When is it really never for fun though). From wearing skirts on my pants to dresses on my skirts, it’s all a part of the summer party for me. The best parties are the unplanned ones like this old dress and skirt I got from different  vintage stores at different times looking like they were made for each other straight from heaven. The mismatched earrings that seriously compliment each other, both from H&M, one I got at half it’s original price and the second at full price, I just had to own them no matter the conditions. My bag  ‘Candy’ from TK maxx (got ageeeees ago) with her best friend ‘Pompom’ who I found shopping in LA last xmas, absolute beauties giving me the best summer groove at the moment. It’s all a bunch of mix and match of colours from my outfit down to accessories. I hope you are inspired lovelies! Yours Truly XXX    

I’m Wearing;

Dress; Vintage Similar HERE

Skirt; Vintage Similar HERE

Shoes; Miss Selfridges Similar HERE

Bag; TKmaxx Similar HERE

Earrings; H&M Similar HERE


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