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Me, My socks, My Man-blazer and I


You see, the thing is I love socks a lot cause I know some of you might be wondering what the heck I’m doing in socks in the middle of bloody June. Well they say love is supposed to be unconditional (or maybe not these days). My husband said to me once ‘I don’t really think your followers like it when you do those socks outfits so maybe do less socks…oh, he’s my biggest fan and greatest critic by the way(always lurking in the shadows and watching). You know those kind of followers who don’t have an Instagram account but they know just about everybody in the game and their daily posts? thats him! I call him the big brother follower… The invisible stalker! Anyhoo my response was ‘Socks is part of who I am’ The answer will not be to cut down but maybe find a way to improve on my socks looks and make it more appealing. I believe that everyone should always wear what they feel most comfortable or happy in or it defeat’s the entire purpose (Amma right?).

In the cold seasons they double up as a cozy buddy  and a fashion accessory for me, so in summer even though one of it’s main characteristics is by now not relevant, the fashion accessory side to it  still remains as potent. Accessories are like sticky glue that ties or should I say  ‘sticks’ you individual pieces together to create a fine finished look. I’mnot too big on jewellery (as you might have noticed by now) so my socks are one of my most important accessories come rain, snow or sunshine. My feet might be hotter than yours in the current heat wave but whilst you worry about how hot my steps might be (who doesn’t like to be a hot stepper though), I’m on the other side feeling super excited to have a wonderfully coloured pair for the day.

Me, My socks, My Man-blazer and IMe, My socks, My Man-blazer and IMe, My socks, My Man-blazer and I Me, My socks, My Man-blazer and I Me, My socks, My Man-blazer and I   Me, My socks, My Man-blazer and IMe, My socks, My Man-blazer and I

 The Man-Blazer

Yes you heard me right, an actual Man blazer that is originally made for a man, fully secured with broad shoulders and oversized sleeves and any masculine  add-ons you can think of.! Everything odd about this current trend gets my excited to dress up and go out. I’m walking around looking like I stopped a random man on the street and took off with his jacket, its just ridiculous but I’m absolutely loving it! I’m not the one who started this trend so don’t think I’ve gone completely mad just yet, it’s out there everywhere. I already have a post were I was all boyish in a similar kind of jacket but this time in grey, one of my most fun shoots ever!

By the way, anyone notice some of my buttons missing? Infact the whole lot’s all gone but I’ve learned not to worry too much about the things of life, if they’re gone, then they are gone, I’ll just keep calm and carry on! I got this jacket from a charity(Thrift) shop, and was probs too excited I found what I was looking for that I just never noticed the missing buttons… not that it would have stopped me from getting them anyway. My jacket is cute as a button who needs the actual buttons?

Me, My socks, My Man-blazer and I

Me, My socks, My Man-blazer and I

Me, My socks, My Man-blazer and I

I’m Wearing;

Jeans; H&M Similar HERE

Jacket; Thrifted Similar HERE

Socks; Primark Similar HERE

Sneakers; Vans HERE

Bag; Zara Similar HERE

T-Shirt; Similar  HERE

Sunglasses; H&M Similar HERE


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