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Doing it like a Dude – Square Shoulders

I try my best to be lady like but men inspired looks are by far my absolute comfort zone! I wouldn’t say I am a tomboy, I’m too  coveted with clothes to stick to one type of dress mode. Sometimes (ok I’ll be honest, ‘most times’) a girl just wants it all. I gladly swing all ways depending on the mood of the day however, I think girls who know how to pull off looks borrowed from the boys are always the coolest!

A week ago I went on a mad hunt for a square shoulder  oversized ‘man jacket’ because as per usual I’m a massive fan of oversized clothes and lately added to that ‘square shoulders’. I remember how every single dress in my mum’s wardrobe back in the days always had shoulder pads in them and how that singular detail changed everything. I’m not sure why it has taken this long to come back around but thankfully designers like Celine and Balenciaga in their Spring ’17 collection has reminded us of this ’80’s and ’90’s trend and I must confess this rebellious and off beat silhouette has got me drooling like a 3 year old that just discovered a new flavour of lollipop.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find any square shoulder clothes in any of my beloved high street stores so I combed my favourite Vintage and thrift stores in my community for anything that comes close and I have ended up with this super oversized  man jacket which of course naturally comes with broad shoulders …10/10!

Let me know if this is a trend that ticks your box and if it’s something you would even consider trying … as for me I’m all in, Power to the shoulders! X Doing it like a Dude - Square Shoulders


Doing it like a Dude - Square Shoulders





Doing it like a Dude - Square Shoulders









I’m Wearing;

Jacket; Thrifted Similar HERE

Pants; Vintage Similar HERE

Boots; MangoSimilar HERE

Shirt; Vintage Similar HERE

Bag; Vintage Similar HERE

Sunglasses; H&M Similar HERE


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