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Code Zebra

It’s nothing new that I love playing with prints…let’s face it, I love playing with everything. Zebra print is new to my wardrobe and it’s blowing my mind, I want more!!! Zebra print is the quintessential fashion print. We love the usual animal prints like leopard, snake skin and cheetah but how often do you see an animal in the wild in a monochromatic number? That’s what makes ‘the zebra’ so exotic and eye catchy. It brings us something new, something fresh, and uh hello, where else would you find me?   IMG_8717 The big cats have taken the front row for so long it has peaked, we are now on the look out for something else to fill that craving for more. Everyone wants to stand out in a leopard print but that exactly is the problem… everyone is standing out in the same thing so much no ones actually standing out. We are in the pursuit of something more imaginative, something more unexpected. Thats the Zebra mi ladies! Believe it or not this is the first time I’m spotting a Zebra anything in a local fashion shop (Of course none other than my beloved H&M) and let me tell you right now there was no such thinking as ‘maybe or maybe not”. I mean, who in their right minds will ever do a double take on whether to snatch a zebra anything off a rack… you’d have to be nuts to walk away (I mean don’t ever!). Let’s just say it’s like thinking twice about an offer to go on a holiday to an exotic location anywhere in the world (well maybe not that serious I’m sorry!) but you know what I mean. I have gone very bold and vibrant with my outfit today throwing in as much as I could fit in. if I could add a few more pieces I would have … clothes are made to be worn, why have mercy?  Dress, shirt, trousers, jacket, the whole zoo guys, why the hell not! Whilst I’m always in the pursuit of something exciting out there Shall I say,  the only thing I’m loving right now more than Zebra print right now is Zebra print…. Yes I said it! IMG_8742

I’m Wearing;

Jacket; Vintage Similar HERE

Shirt; Asos Similar HERE

Pants; H&M Similar HERE

Shoes; Zara Similar HERE

Dress; M&S Similar HERE

Sunglasses; ShipzeroUV Similar HERE

Bag; Old Similar HERE

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