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Pink the new black

How ready for Spring are you? What I actually mean to ask is ‘how pink ready are you? The days when the thought of pink makes most of us shrug in disdain are way over. We all love the classic pink candy floss, pink marshmallows, pink roses, I say we might as well fall in love with a pink wardrobe…. yes the era is finally here and we at noordinaryshe are hoping on board the pink ferry, Ahoy!!!

Pink the new black

Basically, I would just say , think of it differently. Forget all you’ve ever known about pink as a 3 year old running around and dreaming of everything pink from bouncing castles to to an actual castle where you are the princess in an all pink ball gown throwing an all pink party. No ways! today’s pink is nothing like that.Think of it as a real colour that means business, think of it as your new black.

Pink the new black



Predictably, I have decided to have a more light hearted approach to this colour today. I’m totally like a walking rainbow. Outrageously colourful was actually what I intended to go for, I mean why not, Pink is a playful colour so be at liberty to do whatever it is you like.

IMG_8487     Pink the new black IMG_8482 IMG_8476

I’m Wearing;

Skirt; Vintage Similar HERE

Jacket; Old Similar HERE

Tights; H&M Similar HERE

Trainers; New Balance Similar HERE

Bag; Vintage Similar HERE

Sunglasses; ShopZerouv similar HERE

Top; Topshop Similar HERE


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