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Have a Cup with me

I wish this was actually about tea, I mean I would absolutely adore having you over at my favourite coffee shop for a cup or two talking about tea and everything under the sun but let’s just say velvets and pinstriped palazzos and are also under the sun so that might be a good start for our conversation, if you would care to join me that is. Now, just in case you are wondering,  I have no idea how and why I dressed up this way but it felt so good,  absolutely comfortable and took me back in time and if you know me, those are qualities I find hard to resist when it comes to putting an outfit together. Have a cup with me I have had these palazzos for almost a year now, but they are twice as long as I am (Just kidding!) the overflow is ridiculous but for some reason I still I hated the thought of taking them to a seamstress to get them amended to suit my miserly 5 5″ height. Think of it this way, how easy is it to find a navy pinstriped palazzo, rare is the word that come to mind? So basically, There is no playing around with this one. FOLDING them up was going to be my best option and folding up I did! Turned out a little ugly around the ankle but the more reason I fell in love with the look.   Have a cup with me Have a cup with me   I have paired them with my double breasted Velvet blazer that totally catapulted me back in time and space. Not sure people ever dressed up like this back then though, but If I was there with them I ‘ll be giving them a piece of this for sure. Always have a piece of you in everything you wear. Show your personality, be who or whatever you want to be, thats the NOORDINARYSHE spirit, free as a bird.   Have a cup with me Have a cup with me Have a cup with me Have a cup with me Have a cup with me Have an amazing week… Love, Ada. x

I’m Wearing;

Jacket; M&S Similar HERE

Pants; Mango Similar HERE

Turtleneck; Primark Similar HERE

Boots; Old Similar HERE

Bag; H&M Similar HERE


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