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Got Caught in a Fishnet

So you may or may not know by now that ‘in the fishnet’ is the place to be (It probably has always been the place to be). However, right now is the time to Step into and consider a heavy rotation of the fisherman’s most treasured accessory! Finally we have something in common with the fishes at sea well except it’s eye candy for us and a very sad sighting for the poor creatures minding their own business . It’s one of the reasons fashion instrigues me… redefinition of everything under the sun! At what point did someone in the 1800’s think to make a fisherman’s instrument a fashion statement? Everything around us inspires what we wear, how we look and ultimately how we think… it’s just amazing!   DSC_0315 How is it that with such a delicate trivial piece (So to speak) most outfits can change from plain boring to a hella sensual within a twinkle. The world is certainly a happier place with these racy underrated leg ornaments that originated in Paris among the dancing, acting, and “prostituting” crowd that hung around the City of Love at night… Aha! does the word ‘Moulin Rouge’ come to mind? Let me just say at this point that contrary to over 150 years of history, fishnets are actually a classy and sophisticated accessory for today’s girl. Bring out your rock and roll!

Got Caught in a Fishnet

Got Caught in a Fishnet

DSC_0341   It is always nice to find that one tiny piece of detail that is almost always a game changer when introduced to anything. Think of things like a flimsy bandana or a polkadot scarf or a band tee. I call them ‘Iconic pieces’. A very viable wardrobe move would be to call at least one or all of items like these your own , they always stand the test of time. For the record my feet cold and frozen as it maybe, feels sufficiently rewarded with sass regardless of subzero degrees… pay no attention to the elements, put all your trust in the fisherman’s treasure and glide through the day like a rock ‘n’ Roll princess that you are 🙂 Love… Ada X

I’m Wearing;

Jacket; Vintage Similar HERE

Skirt; H&M Similar HERE

Tights; ASOS Similar HERE

Mules; Truffle Similar HERE

Top; H&M Similar HERE

Bag; ASOS Similar HERE

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