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No Winter on my Parade

Hi guys, been a while around here! I do really apologise from the bottom of my heart. I have actually been away on a campaign project with a very cool brand, a brand after my own heart. To be honest I’m still pinching myself to be sure it’s not a dream after all, but no, I’m wide awake and it’s as real as real gets! Watch this space, you’ll be proud 🙂

Ok! let’s talk about right here right now, I’m feeling pretty rebellious. Winter never really gives room for options outside thick fabrics and dull colours but today I’m kind of giving Winter the middle finger and insisting on whatever it is I want to wear. The temps can drop all it wants, the wind can blow in all and every direction, I say the bright colours stay! …. No winter on my Parade! If you are with me on this please don’t forget to layer up though  like I have tried doing with my skirt. Any piece that complements your main outfit either structurally or in colour will do a fine job… any little extra helps the rebellious 🙂

Have a blast of a week… Ada Xxx.


No winter on my Parade

No winter on my Parade

I’m Wearing; Dress: H&M Similar HERE// Skirt; Topshop Similar HERE// Bag; H&M Similar HERE// Shoes; OfficeShoes SImilar HERE// Jacket; Zara Similar HERE // Tights; M&S Similar HERE


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