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Headwrap and Choker

Everyone seems to be crazy about chokers these days so I have decided to join in the party. I think It looks really great on people with long necks cos it’s quite visible and elegant when they have it on and then I think of my really small neck and wonder if it would ever really flatter me. Basically, I have never really been a Choker person. The truth though  is you don’t have to indulge in every trend, fashion is ultimately about what works well with your frame type. However having said that, you should  never hold back when it comes to trying something new. This summer I have pushed myself to find a way to fit it into my wardrobe and I’m glad I finally came round to it.

Let’s talk about how I have played with my good old Headwrap and Choker today… drama drama drama, we always love a little drama here at Noordinaryshe. I always say fashion is about having fun, play around with everything you have, it’s not about buying the most expensive things, its not about conforming, it’s not about looking like others it’s just about having fun and being you. Some days you feel sane, some days you feel insane, somedays you feel sophisticated and other days you feel African. Feel anything you want, just have fun with it.

I hope you have the best week ahead… Love, Ada, X



Summer Choker





I’m Wearing:

Shirt; M&S HERE

Tshirt: Zara HERE

Shorts: Primark HERE

Choker: H&M HERE

Sneakers: Topshop HERE

Anklet: D.I.Y HERE

Sunglasses; Asos HERE


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