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Track Top

Sports wear have definitely moved from alternative to fashion mainstream. It’s fantastic knowing every piece you thought belonged only in the gym or for a sweaty run can actually take you through the day and even the night in style if you know how to apply it correctly. I think its a lot of fun redefining the original function of any piece… once upon a time just like tracktops were only worn for workouts and lazy days, slip dresses were also only for bed time but, not any longer pumpkins. For me fashion is more about being artistic rather than practical, we have to feel free to rework anything as we please so how about we slam our sleep and workout wear together today! Where is the fun if we always feel the need to conform to a particular approach to dressing up? The more adventurous you become with your clothes, not only do you have a great time, you also get a lot more use on every piece you own… who knows I might be going to bed in this slip dress tonight and then to work the next day if I want, let’s not even get started with the tracktop! #maxingout

Have I told you I bagged my track top from the ongoing Summer sales at Topshop? It actually comes with its own pants but as you know, I prefer to work  with unrelated items so I shall be treating both of them as separate individual pieces as time goes on. Stick around and watch out for when I will be fun styling my tracksuit bottoms, the fun never stops!!! Thank you for visiting again lovely! Lots of  Love from me!…Ada.X







I’m Wearing;

Tracktop; Topshop HERE

Dress; M&S HERE

Jeans; H&M HERE

Boots; Zara HERE

Bag; Topshop HERE

Sunglasses; ShopZeroUV HERE


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