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Summer Layering

For those of you like me who love and miss the fun of winter layering this one’s for you! I know this is the time to wear as little as possible but if you currently live in the United Kingdom you’ll know we are currently  having a sham of a summer. It won’t stop raining and then the occasional cold wind… it is blowing my mind!!!  So for days like I’ve just described, instead of moaning like I just did why don’t you put the poor weather to great use…. it’s the perfect time for what I call ‘summer layering’!

Whilst I have kept to light weight materials I have tried playing with lengths. These days I find we have graciously moved from cropped tops to cropped every other thing, cropped jeans, cropped pants(cullotes) etc…let’s add on the cropped trench today. I have left links below if you want similar to any item i’m wearing 🙂

Can’t thank you enough for another visit, I’ll see you again soon darlings! Love, Ada. X

Summer Layering

Summer Layering

Summer Layering

Summer Layering

Summer Layering


I’m  Wearing;

Cropped Trench; Zara HERE

Shirt; Topshop HERE(Currently in sales)

Jeans; H&M HERE (Currently in sales)

Bag; Mango HERE (Currently in Sales)

Shoes; Ebay HERE (Currently in sales)

Sunnies; ASOS HERE (Currently in sales)

Bow-Tie; ASOS HERE (Currently in Sales)

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