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Striped Summer Shorts

It’s a few weeks before it’s officially summer and my shorts are already all out in full swing!  How refreshing it feels to  finally let the skin breathe. I’m kicking things off with this high waisted breezy vertical striped shorts. Some of you might feel uncomfortable in shorts, almost dreading the summer season for this anxiety inducing piece of clothing  but you forget that what really matters is how you wear your shorts. Summer shorts go beyond cut offs and denim shorts. It’s time to start trying out new shapes and sizes… yes sizes because shorts even go oversized these days. There are so many different type of shorts, flared skirt-like shorts, Gaucho shorts which look like midi skirts but a lot cooler, sport shorts etc. you just need to find that shape that flatters your body shape and doesn’t mess around with your confidence.

I’m giving my shorts a different experience today. I haven’t gone for the usual pairing of t-shirt or vest on shorts  but opted for this insanely cool cropped denim shirt. If like me you are not necessarily about clingy outfits then you should try loose fitted shorts and cropped loose blouses this summer, pairing them with minimal sandals, sneakers or even boots and still feel as flow-y as anyone in a maxi skirt or dress.

This summer play more with your prints,  show off more skin, go wild with your colours, do everything but keep it sane under the sun, we were born for this 🙂  Peace & Love, Ada xxx.


Summer Striped Shorts

Summer Striped Shorts

Summer Striped Shorts

Summer Striped Shorts

I’m Wearing;

Shirt; Topshop HERE

Shorts; H&M HERE


Sneakers; H&M HERE

Socks; Dorothy Perkins HERE

Sunglasses; ShopzeroUV HERE


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