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Googly eyed Bag and Mens’Tie

Bags with eyes of their own? Yes please!!!! Nothing feels better than literally having 2 pairs of eyes wherever you go, one watching ahead and the other keeping your side in check, it’s an eyeful of sight! The most exciting thing about this bag is not only that gazing bags are hot on trend but the fact that they cost me close to nothing… £2.50!!! Imagine that! This is by far my coolest unexpected find whilst aimlessly browsing through ebay, I was even tempted to get them in a few more colours lol.

Along side my googly eyed beauty that I grabbed for pennies(yes I’ll say it again!) I have a borrowed tie from my husband’s wardrobe (Call me Cheap! Low maintenance is a virtue lol!). I find myself wanting to accessories almost all my outfits these days with mens’ tie hanging loose especially stripy ones. To me they sort of add an extra something every time I incorporate them into my look. We’ve been on the subject of scarves and bandannas for too long I’m itching for a little variation and my mans’ tie just fits the bill so why the hell not? He’s probably  wondering where half his stash is gone meanwhile I’m being busy styling… Wink*

Happy Mayday to you guys by the way!… it’such a relief not having to do the usual Monday madness and all, I’m talking breakfast in bed, Pj’s all day and box set bingeing, food and sleep on repeat. I wonder how you’ll be spending the day? Whatever happens have the chillest day ever and best wishes for the rest of the week. Thanks a lot for stopping by and I’ll see you again shortly. Love Ada. X


Googly Eyed Bag





I’m Wearing;

Bag; Ebay HERE

Sleeveless Dress; Topshop Similar HERE

Pants; Marks&Spencer Similar HERE

Sneakers; Adidas HERE

Tie; Husband’s Tie Similar HERE (Or just borrow your mans’ :))

Jumper; Wallis Similar HERE


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