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Knit dress in Spring

By now we are all staring at out winter clothes and probably thinking ,’what now?’ Lots of chunky knitwears and jumpers staring right back at us but do we just abandon them until the next freeze or do we somehow find a way to get them fit for the sun. There’s nothing more wasteful than not being able to transition any piece in your wardrobe into the next season. If you are one of those who always feel the need to buy a whole new wardrobe whenever the weather shifts this post might be made just for you. I’ve got a number of knit dresses which I’m not quite ready to let go of just yet but how can I bring them back in the game?

One way to get springy for sure is to infuse floral prints into any outfit. In the past week I have not been able to stay away from everything floral that I own because it just feels and looks perfect at the moment. I’ve  worked florals with the usual like denim, lace, linen etc. but I find they also work well with knitwear. Today I have paired my very old Zara blazer with a Marks & Spencer sporty knit dress and look how it’s instantly made it spring ready. I’ve also added a slim scarf to the whole look just to make it edgy… remember accessories are essential to add personality to your looks.

Denim jackets are also one very essential piece that can make any of your winter apparels spring or summer ready. There is no limit to what you can throw a denim jacket on so don’t be in a hurry to pack up your knits just yet. Every piece has the potential to work for you in every season.

Have a lovely lovely week and I’ll see you again soon. Ada. X

Knit dress in spring

Knit dress in spring

Knit dress in spring

Knit dress in spring

Knit dress in spring

I’m wearing;

Blazer; Zara Similar HERE

Dress; M&S Similar HERE

Boots; Newlook Similar HERE

Socks; H&M Similar HERE

Scarf; Mango Similar HERE

Bag; Asos Similar HERE

Sunglasses; Zero UV Similar HERE


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