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Ankara Head tie and Adidas

Now back to one of my favourite accessory… My Ankara head tie!!! I have been seriously itching to put a hat on my head for the longest time but my hair is just so big all my hats just never seem to be able to cup my head well enough to stay put. Talk about #prosandcons! Anyway I have decided to do a head wrap instead to satisfy my head styling craving. At the this point, can I confess that even the head wrap almost didn’t make it round the hive (So much hair!!! hahah).

Each time I go for a head tie there’s always a fun feel to the outfit it eventually  goes on to complement. I sort of never think of a full African attire(even though I should sometimes being an African) I always find myself instead thinking of how to incorporate it with all sorts of things -not African. Today My new Adidas sneakers gets the pleasure to hang out with my traditional piece. I’ll tell you something funny, When I tried this outfit on my 6 year old girl asked why I have decided to look like a ‘Cool grandma’ … that took me by surprise cause cool grandma wasn’t what I was thinking when putting these together, or is she right? Cool grandma could actually become a thing… as long as it’s cool I’m with it! 🙂

There are lots of conventional ways out there to style your adidas sneakers but I’ll be thinking of unusal ways to give this classic kicks new experiences, quite a lot has come to mind actually but you’d have to keep up with me on Instagram for that inspiration. I’ve had fun taking my headwrap for a spin again and I hope I have inspired you on how to wrap up to create an everyday look for spring. Thanks again for everything. Love, Ada. XXX

Adidas outfit Adidas outfit Adidas outfit


Adidas outfit Adidas outfit Adidas outfit

I’m Wearing;

Top: Asos HERE

Denim: Levi Similar HERE

Sneakers; Adidas HERE

Scarf; Ankara piece Similar HERE

Sunglasses; ZeroUV Similar HERE


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