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Tailoring and Trainers

At long last we made it to Spring!!! The night skies are shifting and Daffodils beginning to blossom! I know some of you might be thinking what the big deal is but let me tell you, it’s quite tricky getting bright blue skies in this part of the world. We literally live for days or should I say seasons like this. In Winter it gets dark from 4pm or even earlier, that’s like having 2 minutes of daylight and a lifetime of dark skies, it’s unreal! Let’s not get too excited though, the chill is still in the air, only a little less harsh. We still need to cover up most of the time only this time we get to switch to light weight alternatives and let’s not forget the bright colours now begin to get major airtime.

Today I’m all about this fun work outfit. I’m popping colours at random places and taking spring steps in my fun trainers but still keeping that overall formal look. Gone are the days when work means  high heels, ballets or Oxfords… no no no! Except you work in a strictly suit and tie type organisation by all means go for ultra comfort whenever you feel like it. It’s fun, its relaxed and come to think of it you don’t need to change shoes coming out of the gym and heading straight to work, I call that bliss!

I have tried coordinating my colours to tie in with those on my trainers although you don’t have to but I think it just brings the entire look together. I have paired with pin striped pants because as always they go further to give any outfit more character, and the pompom bag charm simply brings more to the party… the more the merrier 🙂 My coat which I’ve had since forever is always handy to give a fine structure to any look while fighting the chill. Although mine is a long coat, you could equally go for a blazer.

I don’t know about you but I get the job done better looking laid back. Lets bring the fun back into work! Have an amazing week guys! Lots of Love, Ada. X


Pin stripped Trouser New balance sneakers

Pin stripped Trouser New balance sneakers


Pin stripped Trouser New balance sneakers

Pin stripped Trouser New balance sneakers

I’m Wearing;

Coat; Similar HERE

Shirt; H&M Similar HERE

Turtleneck; Topshop Similar HERE

Trousers; H&M Similar HERE

Trainers; New Balance Similar HERE

Bag; F&F Similar HERE

PomPom Bag Charm; RiverIsland Similar HERE