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I’m feeling Bright

I know it’s neither Summer nor Spring but I dress how I feel and today I’m feeling pretty colourful and what better way to express it than in my thrifted rainbow shirt! Even though it’s currently a season for muted tones I think we could still incorporate bright colours every now and then. Dressing up should be fun and being restricted to a particular range of shades  for months and months can get quite boring and monotonous after a while, I’m sure we all agree. By default I find myself reaching for everything nude, rustic, black etc. As chic and beautiful as these colours are I still like to do a quick check that I’m not yet colour blind hehe!

I got my blouse for £1 and I can’t count how many different ways I have rocked it since it’s day of purchase till date…. Aah-lot! Like I always say, fashion doesn’t have to cost you the world… mix it up!!! Go high, go low, what does it matter, as long as you work it well.

I hope you had an amazing Halloween weekend with lots of dressing up and parties to attend. I just stayed home and watched movies with my husband and little girl, the major highlight was seeing James bond’s ‘Live and let’s die’ again, after such a long time… all the Halloween I can about cope with LOL!

Have an amazing week guys and thanks a lot for stopping by. Love, Ada. X


Mom jeans Outfit

Mom Jeans Outfit

Mom jeans Outfit

Mom jeans Outfit

Mom jeans Outfit

Mom jeans Outfit

I’m Wearing;

Shirt; Thrifted Similar HERE

Jeans; Levi Similar HERE

Heels; Asos HERE

Bag; Zara Similar  HERE

Biker Jacket; H&M Similar HERE


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