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HeadWrap and a Cardigan

It has been so wet, cold, and windy in Aberdeen that going out in the last week for a photo shoot has literally been impossible. It’s not even December and we’ve already had some snow with temperatures dropping faster than you can say hello. It’s almost Winter so I guess the weather is throwing in warnings of big changes to come, but You know what they say… ‘the show must go on’ so today since I’ve been lucky to find some sunshine in between the clouds and no rain on my parade I’m ‘hoppingly’ glad to be back on the streets taking it easy in my head wrap and midi dress.

Being African I guess it’s not surprising when I say I’m big on  head-wraps, I could literally wear them with any outfit under the sun. Every time I’m in one I  get a significant amount of stares on the street cause to be honest not everyone here  gets bold enough to rock such an elaborate accessory and when you dare to, you basically give a show, and I like a bit of a show sometimes lol!

I’ve kept things casual today because I know finding everyday casual looks can be quite daunting sometimes. Do you know that joke that goes ‘nothing to wear’ even though you are standing in the middle of a pile of clothes? It is real! I find it really frustrating when it happens to me and I have to confess it happens A-lot! Anyway, my point here is simple things like a long cardigan and a midi dress and some old piece of cloth ‘in the pile’ can easily be overlooked but ‘alas’ makes for a great casual outfit. So, when you are in a ‘nothing to wear’ kind of situation remember that the simplest things might be all you need for the day, sometimes its best just not to over think these things.

Have a lovely week guys and I’ll see you back here soon. Love, Ada. X

Headwrap Streetstyle

Headwrap Streetstyle

Headwrap Streetstyle

Headwrap Streetstyle


Headwrap Streetstyle

Headwrap Streetstyle


I’m Wearing;

Dress; River Island Similar HERE

Cardigan; Asos Similar HERE

Sneakers; H&M Similar HERE

Bag; New Look HERE

Scarf; Old Ankara piece Similar HERE

Sunglasses; Freyrs HERE


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