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The not-so springy day outfit

It’s cold, it’s hot, it’s windy, it’s dry, its wet, it’s this it’s that… this crazy mixture of the 4 seasons all in one day is a frequent occurrence here in the UK, believe it or not…it completely blows my mind sometimes, more of awe than anger though!

I get it’s spring and by now I probably should be shedding away all the layers and heavy clothing but honey, this country ‘weathers’ the way it likes so you have to be prepared for whatever it throws at you… which explains my inspiration for today’s outfit. I was thinking, what’s a good way to dress up keeping the ‘beautiful sunny’ spring in mind whilst also being ready to beat the erratic British weather to it’s silly games… a bold bright coloured cardigan (…springy), a hat (…to fight the wind and showers), the boots (…if it gets wet), Jeans and cardi (…to fight the cold air), and of course you can always take off the cardi if it gets too warm…whose winning now? ha! The weather doesn’t dictate to us we dictate to the weather!

This is an outfit that is suitable for anyone basically, whether you are skinny or curvy or in-between, an oversized cardi always works it’s magic. For the extra bulkiness I went 2 sizes bigger as I especially didn’t want a clingy fit… it’s up to you how you like your knitwear to fit but the idea here is that if you are out looking for an oversized ‘anything’ but aren’t having any luck just go a few sizes bigger on whatever is available and you’ve got yourself the oversized look you were after.

As always, I’m grateful for your visit and hope I have managed to inspire one or some of you. See you again very (very) soon. X









Cardigan; Primark Similar HERE // Boots; F&F, Soldout Similar HERE // Denim; Newlook HERE // Hat; H&M Similar HERE // Sunglasses; Asos HERE // Belt; RiverIsland Similar HERE





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