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Summer in Bloom

I’m obsessed with cullotes, with coming posts you will realise what I mean. It’s so bad I think I have them in every colour necessary, VANITY I know haha ! So anyway, today I’m all about this H&M  green leave number.  It’s summer and nothing screams out summer better than floral prints and bright colours. Because I just love styling, I have done two looks with this cullotes… with sneakers and with heels… make your choice! It just goes to show how versatile cullotes can be in case you are one of many still trying to understand this unconventional piece.  Why not look at it this way…why wear only pants or skirts when you can have both at one go? lol.

Funny enough when I was a kid, I remember my mum had this amazing olive green cullotes (yikes! that woman and fashion, love her!) that I used to eye up, true story! Of course I didn’t know what they were back then but somehow I was naturally drawn to it whenever she puts them on I admired how smart it made her look or perhaps that was just me appreciating the beauty of fashion from my younger years. Gladly, In the end I sure  found a way to inherit it… you bet I did!!! So I guess my love for cullotes isn’t a new found one, it has been there since before I even knew I loved fashion, let’s just say I’m more grateful than the next person that they are back with us. So quick, update your wardrobe with a cullote and you’d be glad you did.

Thank you so much for stopping by again. Enjoy! X


Green floral H&M Cullotes

Green floral H&M Cullotes


Lets Break it down:

Coat; Newlook Similar HERE // Pants; H&M HERE // Croptop; Zara Similar HERE // Sunglasses; Primark Similar HERE // Shoes; Primark Similar HERE


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