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In the Mix

I’m beginning to wonder if we are truly in summer or just stuck somewhere in between Autumn and spring. It’s hot one minute and then freezing, cloudy or wet the next, I can’t even confidently get rid of all my warm clothes  or accessories to be able to make it through a day. If everything were to be just right, I shouldn’t have to drape a scarf on my shirt today for some protection from the elements. I mean come on Britain, it’s SUMMER!!! Give us a Warm Break!…. Phew! I needed to vent, I’m good now. 🙂

I’ve  always loved a one-piece kind of outfit so my oversized shirts or shirt dresses are one of my most favourite outfits in my wardrobe. It’s so easy to achieve that cool relaxed look with them. Today, I have chosen to pair my oversized striped shirt with my ASOS Plaid scarf so I can have fun playing with the different patterns.  Plaid and stripes have always been an item, they make for a beautiful couple I think. I love to mix a lot so I try to inject pattern mixing into my everyday look every now and again. It shows you love to experiment and definitely not a one way traffic person when it comes to dressing up… Express yourself! Where is the fun in dressing up if you are not going to try to dress outside the box? Get casual, get playful, get in the mix, it’s summer or so I think!

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Blue Dress Shirt








Let’s Break it down;

Shirt; RiverIsland Similar HERE // Scarf; Asos Similar HERE // Sneakers; H&M Similar HERE // Bag; TK Maxx Similar HERE // Sunglasses; Asos Similar  HERE


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