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Chambray Flannel

If you haven’t started wrapping your shirts around your waist, now’s the time to join in the fun. It is a 90’s grunge trend that has found it’s way back into our hearts or should we just admit that it never really went away to be honest. Back in the days when I was a kid we used to tie shirts around our waist for mere convenience. It was also a thing for Grunge rockers and perhaps moms that just couldn’t be bothered with dressing up. Nowadays however it is a chic way to dress up casually. This trend evokes an effortless cool vibe.

The most common shirt usually used for this purpose is the plaid shirt but in fashion there are no strict rules, you can use whatever shirt it is you have, just pay attention to the colour of the shirt. You can either have it match the colour of something else you are wearing or pick a bold colour from your shirt and match your accessories to this colour.  I have used my old denim shirt today, and as we all know, denim colour is sort of an ‘unofficial’ primary colour, it blends in well with just about anything under the sun. So I have played the matchy-matchy game with my socks (you know I love socks ) and my purse instead. Like I said, It’s OK to do things differently sometimes.

If you think you don’t have any shirt that can suit this purpose, no need to rush into the shops just yet, just dig into your man’s wardrobe, you’d be shocked the number of options you’d get…Now hop along and get wrapping. X













Blouse; Newlook Similar HERE// Scarf; Zara Similar HERE // Booties; H&M Similar HERE // Denim Shirt, Zara Similar HERE // Socks; Old, Similar HERE // Hat, Topshop Similar HERE


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