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Mom! I stole your Jeans

If you don’t already own a ‘mom jeans’ in your wardrobe as I speak then you need to hit the road right now in hot pursuit! Something about the high waisted, bum fitting and navel grazing relaxed-fit style it’s got that makes it so flattering and comfortable I could live in it for days + almost everything in my wardrobe pairs well with it, it’s simply nothing short of amazing.

I remember when being caught in this kind of jeans was a taboo. It just wasn’t an option, but now they are the last word in fashion and have proven to be a hit even amongst the younger generation of women. I however can’t really tell you if men feel the same way about this jeans. It is probably as much of a man repeller as the cullotes , but that really never stopped us did it?

When you hit the shops to find these, they are usually proudly tagged ‘Mom Jeans’, if not look out for any jeans that has a baggy silhouette, highwaisted and a little tappered at the bottom. Let’s just say they are a fusion of a high waisted jeans and a boyfriend jeans. You can also easily find denims like this in thrift stores or charity shops (as we have here in the UK). You can convert a good old high waisted Levi to suit this purpose. Now go find one and join this super cool MOM fashion  gig!

Thank you for checking in. X


Mum Jeans


Mum Jeans




Mum Jeans




Mulberry blue bag


Mum Jeans




Mum Jeans



Top: H&M, Similar HERE // Jeans: thrifted, Similar HERE // Bag: Mulberry, Similar HERE // Sneakers; New Look, Similar HERE // Coat; M&S, Old, Similar HERE


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