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Taking Sporty to the woods

Hi Style lovers! I apologise for being away in the past weeks. I broke a couple of components and had to wait this long to get them delivered to me driving everything to a screeching halt. This has taught me a lesson to always have back up – 2 of absolutely everything, 2 batterys, 2 remote controls, 2 computers…lol! honestly though, it’s the only way I can keep this show on the road when hitches like this occur. I was miserable being off the radar – anyway, I’m back and extremely happy to be doing what I love the most and also reconnecting with you all.

Today we are taking a walk in the woods – in ankle straps and a baseball shirt… ha! yea, I know it sounds like a mismatch but In the world of fashion it is ok to be fearless about trying different unlikely concepts….i.e sports wear and heels  or heels and the woods, have fun with it is what I say.

I hope your weekend has been relaxing and full of fun, wishing you the best for next week, don’t go away cause I’ll be back with more shortly. X








2015-03-03 10.00.07




2015-03-03 09.51.49


2015-03-03 10.06.26



Dress; Primark old, Similar HERE || Jacket; H&M, Old, Similar HERE || Sandals; Primark HERE



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