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Hello again! I hope your week went great. It’s the weekend and you have no idea how much joy I’m having just sitting in my bed under the Duvet , watching TV  with a nice cup of tea and writing these… my ultimate way of relaxing! How do you relax?

Today I’m bringing to you the beauty in Sheer fabrics. They are great for adding texture and visual interest to even conservative shapes or colours. I’m in all black (again!) but see how going the lace way gave a rather monotonous colour more character and presence than if I had just worn another plain cotton bottom. Lace is feminine, it’s soft, it’s chic… it’s a classic, full stop!

My outfit is inspired by Emma Stone’s see through Tuxedo gown which she wore at the 2015 SAG Awards. She was simply ‘sheer’ elegance. So, as I have a wandering window shopping eyes I luckily stumbled upon this see through skirt in Miss Selfridge not too long after that event (SAG Awards), you can imagine how I jumped on it. It was mine as soon as I laid my eyes on it, there was no thinking about this one no no! I can say that so far, I certainly have not regretted that decision. Go grab yourself one and rockout!

Thanks for stopping by. X

PS: I added the eye-mask drama simply to match the embroidery detail at the bottom of the skirt. Call me the drama Queen! lol.





Sheer lace Skirt
Sheer lace Skirt


2015-03-24 20.39.14


Sheer lace Skirt






Sheer lace Skirt




Sheer lace Skirt


Sheer lace Skirt

Skirt: Miss Selfridge, Old, Similar HERE // Coat: TallSally, Old, Similar HERE // Sandals: Primark, old, Similar HERE // Belt: H&M, Old, Similar HERE // FaceMask; H&M, Soldout, Similar HERE


Photo Credit: Sessi Koshoede, Edited by Myself


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