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Why, Hello my Lovelies! So this week at some point I just felt like expressing myself freely and just not give a S**** about whose staring or whose whispering comments soon as they walk past you  just cause you don’t exactly look conventional. I have come to realise that most people think that when you do your thing your own way and therefore end up looking sort of different you are just an attention seeker or a wierdo. Well to start with I definitely don’t see anything wrong with seeking and getting attention ( If it pleases you) I also strongly believe that no one should ever be afraid to be themselves regardless of what people think of you or how much you seem not to fit in any particular mould.

I think it’ s always best to be exactly who you are originally made to be. I’d say, If you are made to be blue be super blue, don’t try to be red or pink or grey  it can get really confusing and boring. The world thrives on variety and everyone is their own individual.


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